Several awards have been attributed at the IFAC MIM 2022 conference with the aim to honor distinctive contributions :

MIM 2022
MIM 2022
Young Author award
MIM 2022
Commended paper awards

The Award Ceremony was held during the Closing Ceremony on June 24, 2022.


Additive or Conventional Manufacturing for Spare Parts: Effect of Failure Rate Uncertainty on the Sourcing Option Decision

Peron Mirco, Basten Rob, Knofius Nils, Lolli Francesco and Sgarbossa Fabio


A Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows and Workload Balancing for COVID-19 Testers: A Case Study

Shahnejat-Bushehri Sina, Kermani Ali, Arslan Okan, Cordeau Jean-François And Jans Raf


Multi-person Postural Assesment and Training in Real-Time

Berti Nicola, Finco Serena, Guidolin Mattia, Reggiani Monica and Battini Daria

Young Author Award Finalists

Title of the paperAuthors
Integrated Lot Sizing and Pricing Problem Under Cross-price Demand Model
Terzi Mourad, Ouazene Yassine, Yalaoui Alice & Yalaoui Farouk
Considering Physical Workload and Workforce Diversity in a Collaborative Assembly Line Balancing (C-ALB) Optimization Model
Keshvarparast Ali, Battaïa Olga, Pirayesh Amir & Battini, Daria

Commended Paper Awards

Title of the paperAuthors
Multi-level Approach to Virtual Commissioning: A Reconfigurable Assembly System Case
Schamp Matthias, Demasure Thibaut, Huysentruyt Stijn, Lamote Jan, Aghezzaf El-Houssaine & Cottyn Johannes
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manipulation Assisted by Augmented Reality (AR): The case of a drone
Mourtzis Dimitris, Angelopoulos John & Panopoulos Nikos
A Reinforcement Learning Variable Neighborhood Search for the Robust Dynamic Bayesian Network Optimization Problem Under the Supply Chain Ripple Effect
Liu Ming, Tang Hao, Chu Feng, Zheng Feifeng & Chu Chengbin
Reinforcement Learning Provides a Flexible Approach for Realistic Supply Chain Safety Stock Optimisation
Kosasih Edward & Brintrup Alexandra
On the Development of A Blockchain-implementable Intermediation Model for Digital Supply Chains
Grassi Andrea, Guizzi Guido, Santillo Liberatina Carmela, Vespoli Silvestro & Arlinghaus Julia
Supply Chain Resilience in Turbulent Times: Conceptual Model and Real-world Use Case
Alvim Silvio Luiz, Viel De Farias Ingra, Frazzon Enzo Morosini & De Simas Davi
Potential of Mobile Applications in Human-centric Production and Logistics Management
Zhang Minqi, Grosse Eric & Glock Christoph
MCDM Approach To Select Iot Devices for The Reverse Logistics Process in The Clinical Trials Supply Chain
Badulescu Yvonne, Tiwari Manoj K & Cheikhrouhou Naoufel
Minimizing The Total Weighted Completion Times for Semi-online Single Machine Scheduling
Nouinou Hajar, Arbaoui Taha & Yalaoui Alice
Impact of Predicting Disruptive Events in Supply Planning for Enterprise Resilience
Arias Marco, Sanchis Raquel & Poler Raul
Using Digital Twins for Inventory and Cash Management in Supply Chains
Badakhshan Ehsan, Ball Peter & Badakhshan Ali
Managing Panic-buying Related Instabilities in Supply Chains: A COVID-19 Pandemic Perspective
Rahman Towfique, Paul Sanjoy Kumar, Shukla Nagesh, Agarwal Renu & Taghikhah Firouzeh
Reverse Supply Chain Network With Return Products Quality Consideration
Ebrahimi Bajgani Sahar & Saberi Sara
A Case Study on the Integration of Assembly Line Balancing and Feeding Decisions Schmid Nico André, Montreuil Benoit & Limère Veronique
Balance Efficient Shuttle Routing and Fast Order Execution on A Vehicle Compound
Sprodowski Tobias, Hoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik Marit & Freitag Michael
Balance Efficient Shuttle Routing and Fast Order Execution on A Vehicle Compound
Sprodowski Tobias, Hoff-Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik Marit & Freitag Michael
Influence of Task Time Variation in Adopting Walking Worker Assembly Systems: an Innovative Design Approach
Calzavara Martina, Faccio Maurizio, FINCO SERENA & Zennaro Ilenia
On the Suitability of Insourced Additive Manufacturing for Spare Parts Management
Lolli Francesco, Coruzzolo Antonio, Peron Mirco & Sgarbossa Fabio
A New Interpolation-based Polynomial Algorithm for Estimating Lateness in Single Machine Scheduling Problem
Lazarev Alexander, Lemtyuzhnikova Darya, Tyunyatkin Andrey & Battaïa Olga