One of the worlwide largest conferences matching industrial and manufacturing engineering, supply chain and operations management, computer science, robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, decision science and operations research.

New challenges for management and control
in the Industry 4.0 era

The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers and practitioners to present and discuss emerging topics in modern decision aid theory, manufacturing modeling, management, and control. MIM’2022 will follow a rich tradition of previous IFAC conferences and symposia in Manufacturing and Logistics held in France. IFAC MIM’2022 will focus in particular on the most innovative methods proposed in the last few years in the context of applications of artificial intelligence in industry, taking into account the role of new technologies (e.g., blockchains, IoT, edge computing) and emerging scientific domains (e.g., big data, analytics, risk management) in the production management and control. Also, many other related topics will be considered, e.g. human-centric production, optimization under specific workforce constraints, explainability and ethics in decision aid models, human-machine interaction issues, generative design approaches, etc. and their place in new decision aid tools in industry.

The conference will cover all topics related to specification, design, implementation and operation of modern production systems and supply chains, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Artificial intelligence and decision aid techniques
  • Blockchains and smart contracts
  • Big data and advanced analytics
  • Cloud manufacturing and distributed systems
  • Complex adaptive systems and emergent synthesis in manufacturing
  • Decision aid in transportation and logistics
  • Decision aid in design of process and production systems
  • Design and reconfiguration of manufacturing systems
  • Discrete event systems and simulation in manufacturing
  • E-commerce and auction based approaches in production planning
  • Facility planning and materials handling
  • Fostering innovation in manufacturing
  • Green manufacturing, sustainable production and supply chains
  • Industrial and applied mathematics for production
  • Information, systems, control and interoperability
  • Intelligent manufacturing systems and smart factory
  • Inventory control, production planning and scheduling
  • IoT, edge computing and blockchain
  • Knowledge management in production
  • Logistics, supply chains and networks
  • Maintenance, quality, reliability, safety and dependability
  • Management issue in robot/human collaborations in manufacturing
  • Modeling, control and monitoring of production systems
  • Place of virtual reality in production management
  • Pricing, outsourcing and market responsive supply chains
  • Probabilistic & statistical models in industrial plant control
  • Reconfigurable supply network dynamics and control
  • Risk management and control
  • Service oriented architecture for production management and control
  • Warehouse design, management and control