Presentation guideline

15 minutes presentation
+5 minutes for the questions

Please respect the time limit to not impact the other presentations

File format: PDF or power point
Please load your presentation file on the computer provided for the session

A USB key will be given at the start of the conference

Online attendance

The conference will be hosted on Webex

The links to reach the different sessions will be send by mail

In every session, a person from the organizing committee will be in charge of the webex 

Best practices with Webex


Download the Webex Meetings application on every device. On your desktop the Webex Meeting application is the fastest way to join a meeting. Download Webex at

For Webex Meetings on IOS and Android download the latest from the app store


Get your equipment ready: Take a little time to fine-tune your setup. Arrange your keyboard, mouse, displays, speakers, coffee mug, and anything else the way you like them. You might be sharing your space with someone. If it gets noisy, a headset or headphones can be a lifesaver.


Close background applications. Even if you’re not using them, applications on your device are using precious resources. Before your meeting, close any applications and browser sessions that you are not using for the best experience.


Hardwire your workstation. Depending on your location and how many people are using the same Wi-Fi around you – you may see slower speeds on Wi-Fi than on a wired ethernet connection to your workstation.


Turn off VPN. Your employer may have provided you with a VPN (virtual private network) service that allows you to use the company network while working remotely. Often, VPN can limit the bandwidth available to Webex. You can use Webex Meetings outside of VPN for the best experience.


Choose audio over video. When your connection quality is low, your collaboration experience gets worse. Webex will suggest or automatically lower your resolution and may eventually turn off your video. You can also do this at any time. Learn more at


Reduce movement and distractions. Consider muting your line when you aren’t talking. Establish good meeting etiquette to enable a great collaborative experience.


Check that you’re ready by joining a test meeting :