DECART: Designing higher Education Curricula for Agility, Resilience & Transformations

DECART official meeting hosted by IMT Atlantique University in Brest,France

We have conducted the third DECART official meeting hosted by IMT Atlantique University in Brest, France, on 13-16 February 2024. A total of eleven higher educators from diverse universities, namely Vilnius University (VU), Institut Teknologi Del (ITD), University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), IMT Atlantique, RU (Reykjavik University), and two invited universities ENSTA Bretagne , and BBS, took part to collaborate in designing a higher education curriculum that is agile, resilient, and able to transform according to unpredictable VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) crisis.

As the curriculum has an essential role as the main engine for running study programs in higher education, therefore in the 4-day intensive program, we discuss a lot about curriculum design from different perspectives or experiences gained from diverse universities and countries to present curriculum context concisely. All the activities ran with innovative and exciting approaches, which makes designing the curriculum more fun and stimulates the participants to deliver more ideas.

We analyzed the existing curriculum, which comprised nine components of the DECART curriculum, on a Canva design developed by RU and had more discussions to improve the components. In one of the activities entitled “A Nomandic EU Joint Curriculum,” we also learned to define strategy when the curriculum requires flexibility concerning the VUCA situation by providing students with a more expeditionary learning experience in a transitional context.

Driven by the VUCA events, IMTA developed a serious game that helps identify the VUCA impact on the curriculum, and we did a game simulation to test the game for improvements or refinements. On the last day of activities, we carried out the discussion more relaxedly by playing T&L Learning Battle Cards and Storytelling, with the help of the card and dice, by which everyone could bring new ideas to find solutions to curriculum changes.

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