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Sustainable management of DECART project​

Sustainable management of DECART project


Project compostability is an answer to the questions of sustainable project management. Research on this topic is still only recent and methods need to be developed. In this line of research we propose a recycling method that we put into practice concretely in the DECART project.

Project compostability is an idea that was born from observing our efforts to reduce our waste leading a reflection on the means of not wasting the energy invested in a project once it is finished and on the imitation of cycles of the nature. Concretely, this consists of certain specific actions to be carried out before, throughtout and at the end of the project. It is a question of deciding on a method to keep as many traces as possible of what the life of the project will have been (data produced, documents, organization, environment, narration, etc.) and to make them available and easily reusable by any interested person.


The timeline is filled in for each important event in the life of the project. In the meanwhile, the repository is fed with shared documents as reusable as possible (no licence or CC licence fully open). A tag (#) allows you to match the time line and document deposit.





#3 Presentation of project recycling concept (paper in french)  PDF version

Enhenced Reusability

#8 Journal of Valorisation (Lausanne presentation) .DOC version

#7 Brainstorm for a motto – RTF version

#6 Patterns of dehedron and tetrahedron dices

#5 Compostability methodology : notice to compost documents and accompanying sheet Original file BY SA

#5 Compostability methodology : notice to compost documents BY SA No logo

#5 Compostability methodology : Accompanying Sheet for Document Composting BY SA No logo

#5  Synoptic of compostability principles BY NC SAo

#4 Questionnaire on VUCA scenarios

#4 Questionnaire on VUCA scenarios

#3 Oral presentation at QPES2023 No logo CC BY SA

#2 Compostability and licence CC – BY SA No logo

#2 Compostability and licence CC  original file  BY SA

#1 Presentation of project recycling concept (paper in french)  RTF version

#1 Presentation of project recycling concept (translated paper in english)  RTF version