DECART: Designing higher Education Curricula for Agility, Resilience & Transformations

Activities in 2023

  • June 2023: Control visit of the French Agency at IMT Atlantique; Project meeting 2 on site at Reykjavík University, all partners represented; CDIO 2023 paper presentation at NTNU Trondheim with C. Gerwel, H. Audunsson, and S. Rouvrais; Advisory Board members scrutanization;
  • May 2023: 1st project newsletter launched; VUCA scenario questionnnaire.
  • April – May 2023: Extending analysis of curriculums to include other partner programs; Sharing first views on potential Higher Education crises and VUCA context;
  • March 2023: Publication policy and guidelines ; Comparison of curriculum descriptions, including main themes;
  • February 2023: Development of 2 page curriculum descriptions by all partners;
  • January 2023: Template of curriculum artefacts;